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Welcome to Chic Accessorizer
Accessories make or break a styled outfit - We at Chic Accessorizer believe in all this and more!

Hence a blog dedicated to just Accessories!!! Style and elegance along with the freshness of new rules is how we define our passion for accessories.
Along with Blog we have our own E - Store www.chicaccessorizer.com The concept behind the store is make Chic & Fun Accessories Available to Modern Women at Affordable Prices.
Chic Accessorizer is here to support your needs with that extra dash of magic that  takes good styling to great!
About our Founder/Owner 
Pooja Kothari Shah - An MBA in Finance Started working for a Dad  while dabbling her luck at Blogging about her passion Accessories. One thing lead to another and now She a proud owner of an E-store which solely concentrates on Fashion Accessories.

Styling for me is all about how cutting-edge trends which are youthful and fresh blend with timeless luxuries that also spell new-age sophistication. Thanks to this combination I've developed a unique space for myself !!!
Pooja Kothari Shah - Keep Accessorizing !!

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