Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Retro Geek

Sure, everyone’s talking about that watch—you know, the do-it-all marvel that’s landed on the wrists of everyone from Anna Wintour to Katy Perry, but there’s something to be said for wrist swag that’s similar in shape, much less in price, and totally retro in design. We’re talking about classic, cool digital watches, which seem to have undergone a bit of style renaissance lately

Vintage styles keep resurfacing and that includes vintage jewelry. The Casio digital vintage jewelry is another hot trend making its way to the list of jewelry must haves today. This watch features a square-ish bezel and thin gold / silver bands which give it a very retro look

Apart from the fact they’re being worn by street style stars, hipsters, and fashion bloggers (there’s an actual Tumblr dedicated to the old-school gold Casio) today’s versions aren’t very different from the ones that ruled the 1980s—boxy, kinda nerdy—but somehow they look better than ever when styled with current pieces.
This is perfect for when you want to add something unique and eye catching to your outfit. you can also modernize the look by stacking up bracelets with it to create an arm party.

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