Wednesday, 18 November 2015

HUN - ie !!!!

The Hun... The humble half-bun. You’d think that by 2015, human beings would have already come up with every possible hairstyle incarnation. There are only a finite number of ways to do you hair, right?

The latest hot new trend (or one so old that it has fallen out of recent memory) is the half up bun, AKA The Hun.

Celebs have taken to the trend and proven that the look is jus perfect for Daytime as it is for a red carpet event. You can make a half bun work for any occasion and any hair type or length.

As seen on the likes of Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez and Bollywood actresses Alia Bhatt & Amy Jackson

Celebrities might very well be making it their go-to hairstyle when they want to look comfy-chic or just sport the nonchalant vibe.


The half bun is an update on the messy bun loved by everyone from fashion favourites to Fashion Bloggers as it adds just the right amount of chic without going OTT.

And now we come to the fun part! We are pretty sure that the half-bun is one hairstyle you can nail in your sleep, but if you need some help with it, here's a tutorial for you:


(1) First, separate the top half of your hair from the bottom half, securing it with a hair tie. Make sure the ponytail is tight.

(2) Go back and gently tug on the hair on top if you need to make it look more voluminous.

(3) Then, tease the tail slightly near the base of the elastic (this will give your bun a fuller look) and

(4) twist it around the base.

(5) Secure the bun with a few bobby pins and

(6) finish by adjusting it to the shape that you want.

Do leave a comment below of what you think of this trend along with ur styling tips :)

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