Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Want to appear in a different fashion styles, you can try to fashion Ombre. n. A French term meaning "shaded." Ombre is a gradation of color from light to dark. Ombre fashion it is becoming a fashion trend in 2012. Ombre comes with a variety of interesting fashion as dress, cardigan, shirt, jeans, and much more.

 Such items will bring a much needed injection of fun and colour into your wardrobe, even if the sun has already parted ways with us.Looking at clothing first, the options for this trend are endless. The high street is overflowing with affordable on trend pieces, so nobody has an excuse not to try this trend out.

This trend has no bounds, and it has transcended into beauty, hair and fashion. Many may recognise the term ombré from the popular hair trend, where brown hair fades to blonde, black hair fades to brown and the more daring of people’s hair fades to, well just about any colour under the rainbow. 

 For those who are quite conservative when it comes to incorporating colour into your wardrobe, there are ways to incorporate this trend comfortably this summer – on your hair lips and nails. OMBRE nails are the IT nails for the winter/fall.

However, for those who are confident with wearing colour, by all means go wild, and there are a lot of stunning pieces available. 

So what do think of this trend YAY OR NAY?? do leave your comment below.

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Surbhi Suri said...

I am too fascinated with this trend !
I can start with nails to go with,good idea !

My secret shopping said...

Great post!

Roxanne said...

Big YAAAY for me.
Can't tell you how much I love everything ombre!
I'm seriously considering getting my hair done..

Smi said...

Nice show of ombre!

Lucia said...

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ashy said...

i loved the ombre trend in nail art..good find there!

Chic Accessorizer said...

thanks gurls for your rocking comments