Tuesday, 31 July 2012

C - THRU Bags

Translucent/Clear handbags, tote bags and purses are very trendy in 2012 fashion world. Lately on my trip to Eastern Europe I was surprised to see that a lot of  girls actually have courage to carry them since everything is clearly showed through transparent bag design. After seeing a few very interesting designs I found them so lovely, and  got myself one to in mint color from new Yorkers at Prague similar to the below bag

What makes clear handbags so popular? One of the elements which make these handbags popular is the fact that an individual is able to choose something that can be paired with a variety of outfit. Choosing a truly clear handbag allows you to choose various colors within the outfit, without creating a fashion faux pas that will clash with the outfit.

I prefer the translucent ones to the clear ones as it since everything is clearly showed through transparent bag design and for me it was a bit awkward. Especially because you can't allow yourself to be messy while having one.This type of bag also allows the individual to somewhat disguise what is in the bag, and also give an element of designs, bold colors and accents to the handbag that has been chosen.

Are you ready try out this new fashion trend?would any of you carry transparent bag? :)


Stylish By Nature said...

Nice bags...Wanna try this trend now :)

❤ StylishByNature.com

Chic Accessorizer said...

thank u so much:) u shud def try ths trend im sure ul rock it!!!

Roxanne said...

From the time I saw this trend, I just never was convinced. The crap that I stuff into my bag from loose cons to sheets and scraps of paper.. And I hardly ever use a wallet, so my cash is just stuffed in..
Would never want to display all that publicly!