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The awesome monsoon season here, n I thought why not do get a guest blogger to do a post
in our case 2, Rachana n Diana of CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN  helped me out ( you can check out their blog You gurls have done a rocking post... THANK YOU!!!

It’s been a hot summer this time; luckily soon enough we will be entering into the lovely monsoon season. As much as we love the hot coffee on cold rainy mornings, and the wonderful smell of wet mud, we cannot help but cringe at the way our feet gets soaked in water while stepping outside. At such times all a fashionista needs is great footwear that can brave the rains.

Below we’ll show you 5 types of footwear that can be used for various occasions in the monsoons.

 1) Gum Boots
Gum boots, also known as rubber boots or Wellington boots are not considered as the most fashionable footwear. But with good choice and some awesome styling, you can look chic even in these. We love gum boots for the simple fact that they keep our feet absolutely dry. Also you can wear full length pants without getting the ends of it wet.
We have spotted a few at boutiques at Bandra and also at Tresmode.

2) Crocs
When Crocs were first launched, our instant reaction was ‘eww’, simply because they were huge and ugly. But now they’ve got a few good pieces which look pretty as well as are highly comfortable and work wonderfully during the rains. Also the bright jelly colours that are available, will add a pop of colour to your outfits.
Find these at the exclusive Croc stores at malls like Oberoi Mall, Phoenix Market City and Infiniti Mall.

3) Rubber sneakers
If you travel to those horrible areas where there is water logging and highly uneven roads, then getting to your college/office can be a huge task by itself. For times like these you need good sporty footwear for support and comfort. Rubber sneakers will be perfect for you.
Rubber sneakers can be found at the Nike and Adidas stores.

4) Patent leather shoes
Everyday footwear is sorted, but what about parties and other occasions where sneakers or crocs won’t work? To add a glam factor to rainy footwear you can go for patent leather shoes which look delicious as well as are dressy enough for occasions. They come in a great variety at most shoe stores. It might not work on a daily basis but definitely once in a while.
Can be found in most shoe stores like Catwalk, Tashi etc

5) Jelly shoes/ sandals
One more amazing option in footwear for our harsh monsoons is the jelly shoes/sandals. These can be found in a variety of colours and designs which help beat the monsoon blues as you don’t need to compromise on style. These are made from plastic and have a jelly like sheen hence the name.
You can find these in plenty at the Bata stores and also at the road side shoe stalls at street shopping locations.

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Shubhi said...

I would totally go for the 'jelly shoes'(Didnt know they were called that)-they are super-affordable!:)

Saw some really creative pieces at linking road the other day.

But I want to buy chic pair of rain gum boots too!

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