Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Showing you how to master the art of layering multiple necklaces to create a dramatic, multi-dimensional, and glamorous look! Layering necklaces with different textures and details is one of my favorite ways to add sparkle and drama to any outfit.

When selecting necklaces to layer, play with different colors, textures, and lengths while highlighting one unifying element in each piece.
When placing them around my neck, I adjusted the length of each necklace so that the look is more dense towards the face and more sparse as it gets longer. This draws the eye up and keeps the real drama near your face.

Start with the longest and the finest/thinnest necklaces first. I like to get chunkier as the necklaces get shorter and start to sit more on top of each other. This helps the necklaces lay right on your chest and also keeps them from getting crazy tangled.

I hope you use these tips to create a layered necklace look of your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what you already have in your collection. You can wear this look to jazz up your favorite black tee shirt and jeans, or with a strapless cocktail dress for a unique and personalized nighttime look. What I love about layering necklaces is that you can play to create a work of art around your neck that’s uniquely your own!

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chp_dzn said...

Layering necklaces is a totally fun way to add a glam factor to the outfit. Nice post. :)
Just a small problem. Your font looks good but is really difficult to read :(