Friday, 4 May 2012


Considered as a recent extensions of all things bright-colored .The colored soled shoes is officially the hottest trend in men’s footwear 2012.

The brightness is hidden, but just slightly, as the color on these shoes comes up the sides of the soles and provides that lil bit of pop of color on soles—that simple, ingenious upgrade on an oft forgotten (and neglected) detail.

The trend has grown out of the recent craze for high-end sneakers with soles, laces and uppers in bright, cartoony colors. Now, men are showing interest in grown-up shoes that make a distinctive statement.The idea is to take a classic shoe and make it feel a lot more casual, like a sneaker.
Such shoes can be worn with shorts, jeans, white pants,khakis or a light summer suit.
I would also suggest men to tone down the rest of the outfit with neutral colors.Stick to solid socks that match the pants.The shoes are the statement, so you want to let the shoes do the talking

It’s the perfect approach to the unexpected—call it all business on top, party on the bottom.

 Best place to buy colored sole shoes is ZARA India..So What do think of these trend..Would you follow it??
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