Friday, 9 December 2011


The owl jewelry trend is one that began with a subtle start but made a big splash in fashion trends all around the world. While most trends fade out very quickly, this cute, quirky and interesting trend is here to stay. From rings, bracelet cuffs, bags, brooches, hair pins to the popular pendant necklaces, owl jewelry is dominating the fashion scene.
owl eyes pendant

The great thing about this trend is that one can adopt it in all sorts of ways, from a cute little pair of earrings to a large, chunky statement necklace or the ever-popular wrist cuffs. What’s more is, this trend isn’t simply a fashion statement, but has a ton of symbolic meaning and significance associated with it as well.

silver owl with moon cuff

The owl figure means several different things like intelligence, mysterious, mysticism, protection, secrets, and the ever-favorite wisdom. The owl can be depicted earthy or cutesy, artsy, or abstract. It can appear friendly or spooky, but no matter how the owl is shown, it always has certain characteristics shine through. The owl is always wise, watchful, and respected.

mutli-coloured rhinestone pendant necklace

Owl themed jewelry is an eclectic trend and has become a part of all kinds of fashion, from casual daywear to funky college campus styles and even kitschy, quirky club styles.

Owl shaped earrings are catching on quickly, and wrist cuffs are especially popular in bold bright colors with multi-hued stones, but the most popular form is undoubtedly that of the long chained owl necklaces.

silver owl ring

vintage owl ring

These necklaces are usually rather affordable, are generally pretty long so they can be paired up with several smaller necklaces and are characterized by a big, chunky owl pendant that is the center of attraction They can come in gold, silver and bronze and feature many patterns and colors on the feathers. Many are encrusted with jewels and diamonds. However with feather being the next big thing owl with feather is absolute MUST HAVE!!!

stone & pearl owl - promod

anitque gold owl earings

black hand cuff with owl

Owl brooches are also getting popular as they are perfect n easy way to add fun and quirk to an outfit.
zara owl brooch

A great thing about this type of jewelry is that there are so many unique designs so it’s easy to find one that really suits your personality.. But above all it is important to find a style which appeals to you the most so you can express yourself in a way that is true to you.


Pop! of Style said...

Love the owls! The earrings with a pop of turquoise are adorable!

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Great pieces!!

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