Thursday, 10 November 2011


So the BAGSUTRA series is cuming to an end this is the last leg of the series.As promise in the previous post im covering the remaining body shapes...
Hope you have found this series helpfull n liked  it :) 


If your lucky enough to have an hourglass figure you will want to accesntuate your waisteline. In order to do this, you will need to find a bag which hits just above the waiste. This style and length is going to be most flaterring. Medium sized bags work best to enhance your already gorgeous body type.


Shorter girls need to pay very careful attention to the types of handbags they choose. Smaller bags tend to look best since larger ones will overpower you and make you look even shorter. Shorter purses (especially those which fit tightly against your body) will create height and make you look taller than you really are.


This shape of women tend to have wide hips & legs thus pick bags that visually add volume around your upper body part. opt for a handbag that finishes off around your upper bust and mid section.

Examples : Leather shoulder bags at mid section length, longer bags but with narrow bodies.


If you’re plus size you will definitely want to stay away from small bags, which tend to make you look bigger than you are. Bags with short straps should also be avoided. Try a style which is larger and slightly wider than normal sizes since they will make you appear smaller.Go for the biggest bags you can get, preferably solid coloured and simple  designed.Carrying small bags will only emphasize your full shape. 
Examples: Oversized handbags, big leather tote bags,Kelly bags

The type of handbag you choose will not only depend on your body type, but also on the outfit you’re wearing and what you are doing. Choose your handbags according to how you feel that day and what you think looks best on you. One handbag is never enough, so make sure you have a number to choose from. You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday, so why carry the same handbag?



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