Monday, 7 November 2011

BAGSUTRA - part deux

As promised I’m back with part deux (2) of BAGSUTRA in this post im going be telling which bag suits which body shape.

 BODYSHAPE : Women come in all shapes and sizes…on proper analysis of one’s body one can determine which body shape one falls under. We are aware of the four famous body shapes APPLE, PEAR, HOURGLASS, RULER(banana).

However I find these classification less.Thus I have gone ahead and added a few  body shapes of mine own…

In this post im gonna be covering a few body shapes..If your body shape is not covered in this post plz dun fret it will be definitely covered in the part 3 of BAGSUTRA!!!!


So you have a body shape similar to a RULER/BANANA, you are long and lean, lucky to be able to get away with almost any form of handbag. Clutches, oversized handbags and shoulder bags will suit you fantastically, but the size of the bag needs to be considered. Oversized, large bags are going to look best on you, whereas smaller ones are going to make you look even taller than you already are. If you want to purchase a smaller handbag, make sure it fits snugly under your shoulders. Mid size, large, floppy or bulky handbags are best. Bright colors, prints and patterns balance out your size also. A Tote of Many Colors is perfect for you!

TIPS FOR D SKINNY(TALL): if you're skinny avoid overdoing it with really oversized bags as they'll only make your frame obviously smaller. So choose broad and unstructured handbags with details like tassles, fringes, straps, studs, etc. Think slouch and hobo. Examples: studded motorcycle bags, metallic and shiny patent materials, cross body bags at hip length to create curves.

Your body shape is petite along with being short  hence Carrying a bag with a long strap to create a long, lean line on your frame. Do pick a bag with a vertical long bag-shape.
Avoid really large bags with lots of details. Rather pick bags in simple, tailored designs.
Examples: Bags with narrow bodies, details that run at a vertical line

With full/wide upper half of body Pick bags that add weight to your lower body. So choose a handbag with a long thin strap finishing off around your midsection or longer.


Examples: Cross body bags, messenger bags.

Hope you all like this post and find it helpful..
Until next time


Kejal said...

Nice post!!

shab said...
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kileen said...

what a great post! i never thought about pairing purses with body types, but makes sense!

cute & little

Glamorous Barbie ♥ said...

the diagram is really informative...alwaz been confusd wit comparision f our body shape wit fruits!!

Wida said...

Very great informative post!!

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