Thursday, 22 September 2011

Review: ruchika bazaar exhibition...

So yesterday i visited ruchika bazaar exhibition@ wtc Bombay(still prefer it to mumbai)...One of d best exhibitions of the year so far..n i can tel u that coz i visit almost  all lifestyle exhibitions courtesy my mom who is an exhibition addict according to me..Here are some of the highlights of the exhibit..

Long anarkalli's wid jacket(koti) sans the dupatta seems to b the next big thing in Indian wear..well there were two kinda variation in this one with cropped jacket n other preference d cropped one

Kaftan's wid fashion jewellery neck piece was the one of the most innovative thing for me in the exhibit..

But the highlight of the exhibition for me was the bag organiser that i picked up..Will upload photo wid details soon..

Fashion jewellery totally ruled over real jewellery..considering sky high gold prices..

Now the last leg of exhibition Home Decor: considering that the festive season is just around the corner..Diwali decorations n gifting items were all over the place. From candle holders to ready made rangoli's to cupcakes n chocolates!!!

All n all an excellent exhibition..




Michelle's Style File said...

Sounds like a great exhibition!


iknowvate said...

Way to go Poo! Congratulations on this wonderful initiative! :)

Great reviews girl, look forward to more photographs on all that you've spoken about! Cos u'll agree nothing beats the visual appeal of accessories!

Also look forward to ur personal picks and tips on mixing and matching accessories to make simple outfits look stunning :D

Luv ur style babe! Keep it up!



Chic Accessorizer said...

hey Michelle,
thank u sooo much for dropping by my blog...i totally luv your fashion style..very very chic..

Chic Accessorizer said...

hey priti,
thanks for visiting my blog will def.put more photos n alot more stuff cumin ur way baby!!!!

Kejal said...

Sounds like u had good fun!!!